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Apple Walnut Squares Recipe

July 4, 2019
Apple Walnut Squares

Have you ever been just sitting around the house and had a taste for something sweet? When I say sweet, I don’t mean anything heavy or overly sweet. I mean just something with just a little bit of sweetness. Well, I have the snack for you. It’s Apple Walnut Squares.…

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Cookies Desserts

Toasted Coconut Cookies

September 11, 2018

These toasted coconut cookies are guaranteed to satisfy coconut lovers. The toasted coconut in them really brings out the coconut flavor. I’ve made coconut cookies several times for family and friends. Besides using toasted coconut in the cookies make sure you use “real butter”. Believe me, it makes a difference. …

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Roasted Sweet Potato Cheesecake Recipe

September 10, 2018

What better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays than with a delious Roasted Sweet Potato Cheesecake. Sweet potato and cheesecake lovers will love the combination of these two foods made into a delious dessert. The addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and maple gives a down home feeling to your tastebuds.…

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