About Me

Welcome to Aunt Sherri’s Kitchen. So, who is aunt Sherri? I’m a woman that grew up in the Northern area of Memphis, Tennessee back in the late 1960’s. Did I tell off on my age? Oh, well.

As a little girl, I would escape the hot summer heat by hanging out in the kitchen. “Grandmama don’t you need someone to sweep the kitchen floor? What about wiping off the table? You know if you show me how to shell peas, I could help you. Mama, I can help peel potatoes. What about snapping those green bean?”

Next thing I knew, I was in charge of getting dinner ready by the third grade. I still remember pulling that kitchen chair up to the stove because I was too short to place food in the skillet or pot and from there my journey began.

I’m a cook, videographer, photographer, blogger, and former Programmer/Analyst. Aunt Sherri’s Kitchen is a way for me to combine all my skills into one. Hopefully, I can share some recipes that will inspire you to cook different foods to share with family and friends. 

See you in my kitchen!